Cash Advance Solution

Las Vegas, October 18, 2000 — Shift4 Corporation will unveil their new credit card cash-advance system, CashHere, at this year’s World Gaming Congress Exposition 2000. WGC 2000 is the largest, most comprehensive gaming show in the world, featuring the latest products and services in the industry and provides the perfect venue for their newest offering. The event will be held at the Las Vegas Convention Center on October 18-20 where Shift4 representatives will be demonstrating CashHere in exposition booth #2756.

The Solution

The CashHere solution is comprised of three modules: POS kiosk units, which are available in two designs (Terminal Kiosk or PC Kiosk), Cage Cashier Module and Back Office Module. The individual modules deliver task-specific functionality to each party involved in the cash advance transaction. CashHere is powered by the industry’s leading electronic payment platform, $$$ IN THE BANK, empowering casino properties with centralized control over all electronic payment transactions, whether they originate from CashHere kiosks or other credit card accepting points of sale.

Equipped with intuitive touch-screen displays and advanced electronic signature capture technology, CashHere enables management to use a guest’s digitized signature for immediate identity verification, as well as for future charge back defense. CashHere is the only credit card cash-advance system that offers such functionality. The systems’ Cage Cashier and Back Office modules are PC-based applications which allow authorized casino cage employees and management to access transaction data, verify and process guests’ cash-advance requests, run reports and update kiosk settings such rate schedules, cash-advance limits and display scripts.

The Benefits

Beyond CashHere’s impressive list of features lies its most compelling benefit to casino operators; Shift4’s unique rate structure. Shift4 eliminates the middlemen involved in the credit card cash-advance process by charging casinos a flat per transaction fee and allowing management to determine end-user rates. CashHere empowers casino management with the ability to adjust rates as business dictates, while allowing them to retain the significant margin between their “quasi-cash” discount rate and Shift4’s modest service fee.

“A lot of money is being made in the credit card cash-advance business, but casino operators aren’t seeing much of it. But CashHere is changing the rules of the game by putting them in control of service fees–not their bank, not their payment processing company, not their cash-advance system vendor.” notes J. David Oder, Shift4’s President and CEO. “We were astonished when we learned just how much revenue cash-advance system vendors generate. We decided early on to create CashHere with superior functionality, while giving casino operators control over the transaction service fees and ultimately, their profits. I think we’ve done exactly that.”