Justice Department, FBI are Added to Security Summit Roster

Las Vegas (July 17, 2007) Shift4 Corporation has finalized the roster of speakers for the 2007 Real Security Summit, September 26-27, 2007, at the Rio Hotel   Casino in Las Vegas. According to John Mann, Shift4 Vice President, Sales, “This year’s event will be an in depth discussion about where we are as an industry, what is working, what is not, and what will be the future of transaction security.”

Speakers will include:

Chuck Whitlock, Chairman, Crimeline and The Whitlock Training Group:
Physical Security Measures and Document Authentication

Dana Taschner, Attorney at Law (www.danataschner.com):
The Legal Liability Landscape. Are You Ready?

DJ Vogel, 403 Labs (www.403labs.com):
A Look Inside the Mind of a Hacker

Chris Konrad, Sr. Vice President, Fortrex (www.fortrex.com):
The Business Value of Payment Application Best Practices

Bill Field, President, Mintz   Hoke Communications Group (www.mintz-hoke.com):
What’s Your Brand Worth?

Chris Mark, Principal, The Aegenis Group:
Walking the Tightrope Between Security and Compliance and Data Breach Trends

Dr. Heather Mark, Principal, The Aegenis Group:
The Crossroads of Privacy and Security

JD Oder, VP Research   Development, CTO, Shift4 Corporation:
Defining the Future of Transaction Security

Registration information is available at www.shift4.com.