OnSite Achieves Shift4 Certification for “POS for NetSuite” Application

Las Vegas (September 19, 2007)  OnSite, a developer of software add-ons for partner products from NetSuite, has achieved Shift4 API Certification for their “POS for NetSuite” application. The certification authorizes POS for NetSuite to use Shift4’s DOLLARS ON THE NET® payment processing solution in their customers’ systems.

OnSite’s POS for NetSuite automates point-of-sale (POS) activities. Designed especially for small and mid-size retailers, POS for NetSuite layers on top of a NetSuite account, leveraging the entire NetSuite platform without duplication of records or reporting. It eliminates multiple databases and error-prone, time-consuming reconciliation of online/offline sales and inventory.

DOLLARS ON THE NET is a comprehensive payment processing gateway that enables POS for NetSuite to process “card present” point-of-sale credit and PIN debit card transactions. DOLLARS ON THE NET serves as a real-time payment gateway between the POS system and the bank/processor. It assures that transaction data is correctly collected and translated in order to ensure the best possible discount rates. It also provides the industry’s fastest authorizations and settlements.

“DOLLARS ON THE NET is a crucial part of the POS for NetSuite solution,” said Jeff Schneider, Principal and CEO of OnSite. “The use of a leading payment gateway establishes the POS for NetSuite solution as a serious POS transaction system.”

In addition to Shift4’s broad credit and debit processing suite used by the POS for NetSuite system, merchants have access to real-time transaction administration, 24/7 support and online reporting. POS for NetSuite customers will soon be able to take advantage of Shift4’s IT’S YOUR CARD® gift card solution, which is expected to be integrated later this year into the next version of POS for NetSuite.

“Shift4 is proud to partner with OnSite’s POS for NetSuite to provide customers with a robust and reliable payment gateway at the lowest possible cost. Along with our Tokenization technology, customers receive the highest level of data security to protect cardholder data and ease compliance concerns,” said Heidi Eichert, Manager, Business Development ? Retail.

About OnSite

OnSite, founded in 1998, is an Independent Software Vendor and Consulting firm. A certified partner of NetSuite, Microsoft, HP and IBM, among others, OnSite delivers value-added products and services to its customers. Recent software products delivered to market all revolve around the NetSuite SAAS application and include Sync, CM, eCommerce and POS for NetSuite products. For more information about OnSite, visit: www.onsitetechnology.com