Restaurant Data Concepts, Inc. Adds Shift4’s 4Go to POSitouch

Las Vegas, Nevada (May 15, 2009)Shift4 Corporation, a supplier of secure payment processing services, and Restaurant Data Concepts, developers of POSitouch Point-of-Sale (POS) software for the hospitality industry, today announced certification of the POSitouch POS system interface with Shift4’s DOLLARS ON THE NET® payment gateway that is fully integrated with the 4Go SecureSuite® so merchants can quickly, accurately and securely process credit, debit and gift card transactions.

“As we continue to provide cutting-edge POS technology to the hospitality and restaurant industry, we are proud to offer a certified solution that never stores, processes, or transmits real cardholder data from the POSitouch POS system. Integrating DOLLARS ON THE NET with 4Go provides great value for business owners who want to protect their brand, reduce their burden of Payment Card Industry (PCI) compliance and provide Real Security for their customers’ private cardholder data,” said Winfield Platt, COO, Restaurant Data Concepts, Inc.

4Go is a driver-based, Cardholder Data (CHD) firewall that does not allow credit card information to enter the POSitouch POS system. It handles CHD through secured data channels and returns false CHD to the underlying POSitouch POS system so that no actual CHD exists in the systems’ application’s logs, database or transport mechanisms. Actual CHD is sent to Shift4’s PCI compliant data centers for secure storage outside of the POSitouch POS system while the false data packet is used to process the transaction. With Shift4’s 4Go solution in place, many more merchants will be able to achieve and maintain compliance with PCI requirements.

In addition to providing the highest level of security available for electronic transactions, DOLLARS ON THE NET also offers accounting features that help merchants streamline business operations and save money. Pre-settlement auditing tools allow merchants to review and verify transactions in real-time before they are submitted to the processor in order to lower costs associated with downgrades and to ensure accurate batch processing. Merchants using DOLLARS ON THE NET can also run detailed, customized reports or locate specific transactions in a database containing up to 24 months of all transaction data. There is no charge to access this information, which can be used to defend against chargebacks and quickly resolve customer inquiries. With these tools, merchants can improve their enterprise control while lowering costs and saving time.

“Our alliance with POSitouch allows us to serve their leading Hospitality accounts with a secure, merchant-centric solution. Together we offer a robust, enterprise-wide solution that delivers fast, reliable and secure payment processing that complies with PA-DSS and greatly simplifies the process of PCI compliance,” said Dave Oder, President and CEO, Shift4 Corporation.

About POSitouch
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