Shift4 Card Information Replacement Technology Flash Movie

Las Vegas, Nevada (April 9, 2009) Shift4 Corporation, a supplier of secure payment processing services, today unveiled a Flash movie detailing the use of innovative Card Information Replacement TechnologySM (CIRT) with Shift4’s DOLLARS ON THE NET® gateway. This movie provides a clear understanding of how Shift4 security solutions protect cardholder data (CHD) in electronic transactions for fast, reliable and secure payment processing.

Current Payment Card Industry (PCI) security standards require CHD to be encrypted, truncated or masked when being stored. Although these methods serve to protect card information, traditional transaction processing can still leave sensitive data vulnerable. Shift4’s DOLLARS ON THE NET is fully integrated with CIRT to provide a revolutionary new approach to securing sensitive CHD.

CIRT, which includes 4Go SafeSwipe®, i4Go® and Tokenization technology, greatly simplifies the process of securing sensitive information by preventing it from being stored, processed or transmitted in the merchant environment.

Tokenization eliminates issues related to the storage of CHD. With Tokenization, the DOLLARS ON THE NET gateway assigns each transaction a unique, randomly generated ID, or Token. When a transaction is authorized, this Token is stored on the Point-of-Sale (POS) or Property Management System (PMS) server with the authorization code, replacing actual CHD for all subsequent transaction requests.

The Token merely references the real data and has no real value if stolen. The actual CHD is stored in Shift4’s secure, PCI compliant data centers for up to 24 months to assist merchants with credits, incremental authorizations, tips and tabs, recurring billing, and book and ship authorizations.

4Go and i4Go are two solutions that eliminate the risk of CHD being compromised as it is transmitted over networks or stored in local log files. These applications effectively act as payment card information firewalls that prevent actual CHD from entering the system so it is never vulnerable to theft.

Intended for traditional merchants, 4Go runs on the POS/PMS terminal and captures payment card information before it even enters the POS/PMS application. In the world of eCommerce, i4Go functions similarly, intercepting CHD before it enters the merchant’s website. The real CHD is securely transported to DOLLARS ON THE NET data centers while false information is returned and used to process the transaction.

“The best way to secure credit card information is not to store the data at all, which is the theory behind CIRT. Our security solutions, if implemented properly, effectively sanitize the merchant environment to provide Real Security and help Simplify PCI,” said Dave Oder, President and CEO, Shift4 Corporation.