Shift4 Partners with Atlante to Provide Card-Present Payments Solution for Simplified, Convenient Electric Vehicle Charging

Atlante parters with Shift4

Atlante parters with Shift4


Atlante has ‘tapped’ Shift4 to enable frictionless payments for EV charging stations across Southern Europe, tackling a key barrier to wider EV adoption and making the transition to green mobility more accessible than ever.

CENTER VALLEY, PA. – March 19, 2024Shift4 (NYSE: FOUR), a global leader in integrated payments and commerce technology, today announced a partnership with Atlante, the company of NHOA Group (NHOA.PA, formerly Engie EPS) dedicated to building fast and ultra-fast electric vehicle (EV) charging networks, to provide a card-present payment solution for Atlante’s EV charging stations across Southern Europe. By simplifying the EV charging payment process, the collaboration aims to make green mobility and zero-emission driving more accessible, convenient, and user-friendly for consumers.

EV adoption across Europe has risen significantly, with approximately 7.8 million EVs found on European roads in 2022. However, EV infrastructure in Europe is lagging, with complex and inconvenient payment experiences at existing public charging stations sparking frustration for consumers. Committed to fueling the adoption of green mobility and zero-emission driving, Atlante has teamed up with Shift4 to ensure a seamless EV charging payment experience at each of their stations.

“Innovation within emerging verticals is in our DNA, and working with a company like Atlante to transform the electric vehicle charging ecosystem aligns perfectly with our future-forward approach,” said Sveta Bulshtein, Vice President of Business Development at Shift4. “Atlante represents the epitome of cutting-edge sustainable green technology, and together, we’re poised to revolutionize the way people interact with and pay for EV charging across Southern Europe, ushering in a more sustainable and technologically advanced future.”

Through this strategic alliance, Atlante customers benefit from a streamlined payment process powered by Shift4’s card-present acquiring services. Consumers will be able to pay for their EV charging conveniently by using their preferred payment cards – no company-specific apps or cards needed. And by giving the possibility of removing third-party fees associated with existing EV charging payment methods, Atlante and Shift4 will provide consumers with price transparency and facilitate electric mobility adoption for a greener future.

“Partnering with a global player as Shift4 was a strategic decision aligned with Atlante’s vision to revolutionize the EV charging payment process into a seamless and efficient experience,” said Francesco Lamberti, CTO of Atlante. “Shift4’s expertise and cutting-edge technology in the payments ecosystem will enable our customers to charge with a frictionless and simplified transaction process, reinforcing our mission to empower sustainable mobility and drive towards a cleaner future.”

Atlante and Shift4’s card-present payments solution for EV charging is already live in Italy and France and is expected to extend to Spain and Portugal by early 2024. This important partnership represents a key role in Atlante’s expansion roadmap, in which the company aims to establish the largest fast and ultra-fast EV charging network across Southern Europe, 100% enabled by renewables, and enhanced by energy storage and on-site photovoltaic.


About Shift4

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About Atlante

Atlante is a company of NHOA Group (NHOA.PA, formerly Engie EPS), global player in energy storage and e-mobility, which develops technologies enabling the transition towards clean energy and sustainable mobility, shaping the future of a next generation living in harmony with our planet.

Atlante is developing the largest fast and ultra-fast charging network in Southern Europe, 100% enabled by renewables, enhanced by energy storage and on-site photovoltaic. It aims to install in Italy, France, Spain and Portugal 5,000 fast and ultra-fast points of charge by 2025, and over 35,000 by 2030.

Operating since October 2021, Atlante has today more than 1,700 charging points online in its four countries with thousands more under construction and development. Leveraging on the technological heritage of the NHOA Group, including via collaboration with its sister company Free2move eSolutions, Atlante is a preferential network of the Stellantis automotive group and its customers. Atlante stations are fully interoperable and can be accessed by virtually any e-mobility app or charging card, and by any make and model of electric vehicles.

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