Shift4 Provides Secure, Integrated Payments for Darien Lake Amusement Park

Installation of Tokenization, P2PE, and Online Reservation Security Solutions Bring Greater Security and Peace of Mind

LAS VEGAS – Nov. 10, 2015 – (PRNewswire) –

Shift4 Corporation announced today the successful integration of its DOLLARS ON THE NET® payment gateway into the lodging facilities of Darien Lake Amusement Park. Shift4 seamlessly installed tokenization, P2PE, and online reservation security solutions for the resort.

The transition to Shift4 began when new management at Darien Lake, located 30 miles outside Buffalo, N.Y., desired immediate changes to the payment processing system in the park’s lodging areas. Darien Lake’s lodging facilities can accommodate more than 7,000 guests daily, so they needed a fast, secure, and reliable payment gateway that could handle a high volume of transactions. Within a month of integrating DOLLARS ON THE NET into Darien Lake’s PAR Springer-Miller system, SMS|Host, the deployment facilitated the park’s first ever Cyber Monday lodging promotion, bringing in a record 1,400 reservations in 48 hours.

When selecting a new payment gateway, Darien Lake chose Shift4’s DOLLARS ON THE NET for a few reasons:

  • Reducing risk with tokenization: Shift4’s TrueTokenization® solution was an appealing feature because it reduced the risk of payment data theft. TrueTokenization replaces a customer’s cardholder data (CHD) with a random, alphanumeric value called a TrueToken® so that CHD isn’t stored in the merchant’s payment systems. Instead, the data is securely stored at Shift4’s offsite, PCI-compliant data centers.
  • Securing online reservations: Darien Lake also integrated i4Go®, Shift4’s payment security solution that applies tokenization to payment information in reservations from the third-party booking engine before it enters the property management system.
  • Encrypting payment data to reduce exposure: Darien Lake recently upgraded its SMS|Host system, enabling the addition of True P2PE™, Shift4’s point-to-point encryption (P2PE) solution. True P2PE encrypts each transaction at the point of sale, ensuring that CHD is encrypted by secure, PCI-compliant hardware the moment it interacts with a payment device so CHD doesn’t enter the merchant’s payment systems. This reduces the resort’s scope of PCI assessments and exposure to breaches while maintaining PCI compliance.
  • Trendsetting expertise: Shift4’s forward-thinking business sense and responsiveness were what put them at the top of the list.

Dave Oder, CEO, Shift4, said:
“Merchants need secure, reliable payment solutions that are simple to use, yet perform at a very high level. As the payments industry’s most secure and comprehensive payment gateway, DOLLARS ON THE NET meets Darien Lake’s needs by protecting their environment from the dangers of data theft while offering a seamless payment experience for both employees and guests.”

Marie Bell, IT Director, Darien Lake Amusement Park, said:
“We needed to integrate a new system across our lodging facilities as quickly as possible, and Shift4 immediately began the expedited installation. Thanks to Shift4’s tokenization and point-to-point encryption solutions, we now have peace of mind that our guests’ sensitive payment information is in good hands and not at risk of being stolen.”

For more detailed information about Shift4’s installation at Darien Lake Amusement Park, please see the customer case study at

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