Shift4 and Sensei Partner to Redefine the Autonomous Retail Experience in Portugal

Shift4 and Sensei parter to redefine retail in Portugal

Shift4 and Sensei parter to redefine retail in Portugal


  • Shift4 and Sensei are redefining shopping in Portugal with a seamlessly invisible and brilliantly simple approach, pioneering autonomous retail.
  • Industry leaders Continente, Galp, Brisa and NOS are already embracing this visionary shopping experience.

Center Valley, PA., January 30, 2024In an exciting leap forward for autonomous retail, Shift4 (NYSE:FOUR), world leader in technology and integrated payments, and Sensei, a leading Portuguese tech innovator, have joined forces to redefine retail into a smarter, faster, and seamlessly invisible process, all while offering a unified shopping experience for Portuguese customers.

Sensei’s invisible supermarket solution, combined with Shift4’s payment technology, brings a new level of convenience to autonomous retail. Forget about app downloads, registrations, or login hassles – customers can effortlessly enter the store by tapping their debit card, credit card, or phone. Once inside, Sensei’s cutting-edge technology, which consists of a fusion of cameras, computer vision, AI, and sensors, tracks their selections and then automatically charges them when they leave. Shopping has never been this hassle-free and simplified.

Both Retailers and Shoppers Win

A simple tap at the store’s entrance verifies the customer’s card, eliminating the need for app downloads, registrations, or login credentials. Once inside, consumers can experience barrier-free shopping as they navigate the store, selecting their desired items without incurring any charges. Upon exiting, the system seamlessly calculates the amount and customers are automatically charged for their purchase, resulting in a single transaction on their statement and an effortless and efficient shopping experience.

For retailers, this partnership seamlessly integrates various channels into a single platform, allowing them to offer a unified shopping experience. Real-time inventory management is also a reality, thanks to AI-based actionable insights; and retailers can gain comprehensive insights into customer behaviors – spanning multiple countries, currencies, and channels.

Some of the key benefits of the Sensei-Shift4 collaboration include:

  • Privacy-first: Customers can maintain their privacy, without biometrics or facial recognition as they add or remove items from their virtual basket.
  • Effortless experience: Portuguese customers have no lines or waiting times with this new seamless shopping experience, which is perfect for stores of all sizes.
  • Go-live in no time: Retailers can onboard new products quickly with highly optimized neural network training, ensuring a swift and adaptive retail experience.
  • Round-the-clock readiness: Stores can operate 24/7, offering quick setup, go-live readiness, and constant reliability.

This groundbreaking partnership is launching in Portugal, marking the beginning of a planned expansion into other countries in the region. Leading companies including NOS, Brisa, Galp and Continente are already reaping the benefits of Sensei’s and Shift4’s collaboration.

“At Shift4, we provide brilliantly simple unified payments for in-person and online shopping, and together with Sensei, we are on a mission to revolutionize autonomous retail technology,” commented Michael Isaacman, CCO at Shift4. “No initial in-store charges, no app downloads, no personal data sharing, and perhaps most importantly, no need for customers to use self-checkouts. Our collaboration goes beyond convenience – it’s revolutionizing the retail landscape, making Sensei and Shift4 leaders in straightforward, hassle-free payments.”

“At Sensei, we are shaping the future of retail by seamlessly integrating cutting-edge technology with the simplicity customers crave. Our partnership with Shift4 in Portugal marks the beginning of a retail revolution, where convenience meets innovation,” said Vasco Portugal, CEO at Sensei. “We are proud to pioneer this visionary shopping experience, eliminating barriers and setting the stage for a new era in autonomous retail. Our clients that are already enjoying this experience are at the forefront of this retail revolution, setting the standard for the future.”




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