Shift4’s Enhanced Interface to MICROS Offers Sig Capture, Gift Card Processing, DCC   PINned Debit

Las Vegas, NV, April 20, 2004 – Shift4 Corporation, developers of DOLLARS ON THE NET®, the leading web-based e-payment gateway solution with real-time electronic payment authorization, settlement, reporting and fraud control capabilities, has partnered with MICROS Systems, Inc. to develop enhanced interfaces between DOLLARS ON THE NET and MICROS 3700, 8700 and 9700. The enhanced interface enables merchants to accept credit, debit (US & Canadian) and gift card payments right from the point of sale.

“This partnership was an obvious choice for us. MICROS is one of the leading POS terminal providers in the industry, their customer base is strong and diverse. For MICROS, this partnership enables them to deliver the diverse features their customers want – signature capture, PINned debit, gift cards and so forth – without tying up their own development resources. They don’t have to spend time developing interfaces to every signature capture machine or PIN pad device. They simply maintain the one interface to Shift4 and we maintain the connections to the various processors and terminal devices,” stated J. David Oder, President & CEO.

DOLLARS ON THE NET is a CISP certified, web-based solution with dedicated, high speed connections to all of today’s leading banks and processors. Merchants utilizing MICROS and DOLLARS ON THE NET will enjoy the industry’s fastest authorization times (sub 3-second) regardless of the processor utilized. Support of all card types, Visa, MasterCard, Diners, Carte Blanch, Nova/Discover, American Express and gift cards, is available, as is complete connectivity to the industry’s leading signature capture and PIN pad devices. Additionally, merchants on MICROS will be able to utilize Shift4’s Dynamic Currency Conversion functionality, which allows them to earn a percentage of every foreign cardholder transaction and benefits the cardholder by displaying exactly what will be billed to the card in the cardholder’s local currency.

With the enhanced interface, DOLLARS ON THE NET is fully integrated with MICROS at the point of sale. Merchants can customize their MICROS screens to enable one touch access to the full range of functionality above. Merchants can even accept, issue, add value to, sell and report on gift card balances right from their MICROS screen, without any additional terminals or hardware required.

Shift4’s enhanced interface turns a merchant’s MICROS installation into a true enterprise solution. DOLLARS ON THE NET maintains a centralized database of all transactions from all MICROS terminals at all locations. Users can audit and edit these transactions before settlement, as well as access them for up to 24 months for detailed reporting or to combat charge back requests. From any computer, anytime, managers at each location can manage and view the transactions that relate to their location, while corporate headquarters has the power to view, manage and report on transactions from across the enterprise. Access rights are controlled by the security parameters selected by the merchant.

Shift4’s interface to MICROS 8700 has been released in support of its existing customer base and enhanced interfaces to MICROS 3700 and 9700 will be completed this summer. Complete demonstrations of the new interface can be seen at Booth 918 and 712 in the exhibit hall of the 2004 ETA Annual Meeting & Expo, April 20-22 at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas.

About Shift4 Corporation

Shift4, a leading developer of financial transaction processing software and services, provides web-based, real-time enterprise payment solutions for leaders in the hospitality, retail, foodservices and e-commerce markets. Through connectivity to most of the major processors, including Vital Processing Services, Global Payment Services, Fifth Third Bank, NDC Canada, First Data Corporation, American Express, Paymentech, Nova Information Systems, Chase Merchant Services, Bank of America, First Horizon Merchant Services and Planet Payment, DOLLARS ON THE NET provides both high speed and low cost authorizations and settlements for credit, debit, check, private label and gift card transactions. DOLLARS ON THE NET also includes the ability to access, review and edit transactions prior to settlement, as well as a searchable, 24-month archive of transactions for reporting and charge back defense. Shift4’s solutions are designed to integrate with virtually any POS/PMS system and interface partners include MICROS, RunIT, Aloha, Retail Pro, Smyth Systems, Digital Dining, Spa Soft and InnQuest. Shift4’s DOLLARS ON THE NET application and data center are acknowledged by Visa USA as compliant with their Cardholder Information Security Program (CISP), and are also compliant with MasterCard’s SDP and American Express’s DSOP. For more information, contact Shift4 at (702) 597-2480 or visit them online at