Shift4’s VT4 Mobile Point-of-Sale Solution Enables Secure Transactions Anywhere, Anytime

VT4 Provides an Easier Way for Merchants Large and Small to Process Fast, Secure Mobile Payments

LAS VEGAS – Sept. 22, 2015 – (PRNewswire) –

Shift4 Corporation announced today the general availability of VT4®, the most secure, flexible, and feature-rich mobile point-of-sale solution. Following exclusive use with select merchants, including PGA TOUR, VT4 is now available to merchants in the United States, Canada, and the Caribbean. VT4 allows merchants to quickly and securely accept payments on any smartphone, tablet, laptop, or Internet-connected device.

Merchants need simple, reliable solutions that allow them to securely process payments anywhere, anytime. VT4 delivers:

  • Security beyond compliance: Fills the security gap left open by other mobile payment apps, especially in today’s Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) environments, and includes Shift4’s proprietary security technologies – including True P2PE™ (point-to-point encryption) and TrueTokenization® – to prevent mobile devices from ever handling sensitive cardholder data, to reduce breach profile, and to simplify PCI compliance efforts.
  • Complete neutrality: Offers freedom to choose any bank or processor, allowing merchants to shop for the best rates and service without risk of losing transaction history due to a switch. Merchants are also able to choose from a variety of third-party peripheral devices, so the devices that best suit their business can be deployed.
  • Versatility and flexibility: Allows merchants to accept a multitude of tenders from credit, debit, and gift card payments to cash, check, and “member account” transactions. Users can also accept split-tender transactions, provide full or partial refunds, retrieve transaction history, and modify shopping cart items so users can personalize a customer’s purchase. VT4 is also able to be customized to the look and feel of a merchant’s brand.
  • Enterprise functionality: Supports unlimited users, revenue centers, and devices, which means VT4 fits even the largest and most complex businesses. Administrators can remotely add, disable, and configure users and permission levels in real time, while viewing detailed, centralized reports.
  • Dependability: Allows users to conveniently transfer a sale from one device to another or complete a sale in no-signal situations. If a user’s device stops working due to a dead battery, they can simply log in from another device and continue the sale right where it left off. And, VT4 offers merchants peace of mind knowing that our U.S.-based customer service is available to help.

Steve Evans, SVP Information Systems, PGA TOUR, said: “We have been working with Shift4 as an early adopter of VT4 over the past year, specifically for tournament entry fees for the Mackenzie Tour-PGA TOUR Canada and PGA TOUR Latinoamèrica, as well as for PGA TOUR Wives Association membership dues, event registration fees, and charitable donations. The system was easy to use from an end-user perspective and we were very pleased. In fact, we are looking to further expand the use of this system in the coming year.”

Dave Oder, CEO, Shift4, said: “Many of the mobile payment solutions available today were designed for smaller merchants accepting payments at farmers’ markets and food stands. Very little thought was given to scalability, reliability, and security. VT4 is a mobile payment solution designed for the enterprise and provides the speed, security, and flexibility that larger organizations require. After seeing success with PGA TOUR and other companies, we are thrilled to make VT4 widely available for all merchants.”

For more information on how VT4 makes mobile payment acceptance secure and simple, visit or call 800.265.5795.

About Shift4 Corporation
Shift4 Corporation makes it simple for merchants across all industries to securely process credit, debit, and gift card transactions. With connections to nearly every bank and processor in North America and integrations to hundreds of PMS/POS systems, Shift4’s DOLLARS ON THE NET® is the world’s largest independent payment gateway. Shift4 provides pre- and post-settlement auditing capabilities, fraud prevention tools, support for emerging technologies like EMV and mobile payments, and security solutions such as TrueTokenization® and True P2PE™, which drastically simplify PCI compliance. Shift4 is a proud merchant advocate, maintaining complete bank and processor neutrality to ensure that their customers have the freedom to switch banks and processors as needed. For more information, visit


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