The Ambassador Bridge Selects Shift4 for Secure Payment Processing

Las Vegas, Nevada (September 9, 2008) For over 81 years, the Ambassador Bridge, one of North America’s most traveled toll ways connecting Detroit, Michigan and Windsor, Ontario, Canada, has stood the test of time. Its formidable 21,000 tons of steel and 7,490 foot span make it one of the longest suspension bridges in the world. It has proven its ability to secure a path for millions of motorists every year. However, unlike the threats of wind, rain, snow and the shift current of the Detroit River, which are all uncontrollable, The Detroit International Bridge Company, the entity charged with the management of the Ambassador Bridge, has signed a contract with Shift4 Corporation, a leading developer of enterprise payment solutions to ensure against threats of cyber-terrorism and other forms of payment card fraud and data theft. This agreement enables the Ambassador Bridge, to process credit card transactions quickly, accurately and securely using Shift4’s DOLLARS ON THE NET web-based payment gateway.

DOLLARS ON THE NET provides high-speed and low-cost authorizations and settlements for credit, debit, check, private label and gift card transactions. Leveraging Tokenization technology invented by Shift4, this system offers world-class transaction security by removing all usable personal card data from the transaction process, including point-of-sale devices.

“Taking care of the infrastructure of the bridge is our specialty. We know when to make repairs and improvements, to keep our travelers safe. Shift4 allows us to extend our commitment of security to our customers’ sensitive payment card data. Shift4 protects this data by capturing it “before” it gets into our systems, yet allows us the ability to continue doing business as we have for many years. At the Ambassador Bridge, Legacy is a very important word. Using Shift4 to protect cardholder data will protect our legacy and our brand for years to come,” said Peter Farah, Chief Financial Officer for the Detroit International Bridge Company.

DOLLARS ON THE NET also helps the Ambassador Bridge with Payment Card Industry (PCI) compliance. This application is certified to be in compliance with all current card association regulations. This solution and Shift4’s redundant data centers are recognized by Visa USA as compliant with Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard.

“The team at the Detroit International Bridge company understands the value of protecting their customer’s personal data. For the past few months they have been singularly focused on implementing a solution that will provide them with Real Security when it comes to protecting cardholder data. Coupled with Shift4’s state-of-the-art technology, The Ambassador Bridge should now be called the “Safest bridge in North America,” said Robert Alcala, Shift4 Manager of Business Development, who specializes in securing electronic payments related to Toll Roads, Bridges and Tunnels.

About The Detroit International Bridge Company

The Ambassador Bridge is the busiest international border crossing in North America that carries more than 25,000 vehicles on a typical weekday. The four-lane suspension bridge connects Detroit, Michigan in the United States, and Windsor, Ontario in Canada. A major redesign of the U.S. plaza will be completed in 2008; the bridge will provide direct access to and from Interstate 75 and Interstate 96 on the U.S. side and Highway 3 and Highway 401 on Canadian side. For more information, contact David Jolly, General Manager, Detroit International Bridge Company (313) 965-1184 ext. 3064 or visit Ambassador Bridge online at