TravLynx Joins Shift4 as a 4Res Launch Partner

BALTIMORE — Wednesday, June 27, 2012 — Shift4 Corporation, the world’s largest independent payment gateway, and TravLynx, a technology leader in Central Reservation Services today announce a partnership to bring Shift4’s 4Res technology to TravLynx‘s InnLink and InnVite CRS solutions.

Shift’s newly announced 4Res is billed as the final step on the road to complete elimination of sensitive cardholder data (CHD) from a property. It stands between Central Reservation Systems (CRSs) and hotel properties, and strips the clear-text CHD out of the reservations before they enter the hotel environment.

“TravLynx continually innovates solutions for maximizing net reservation revenue. We are excited to partner with Shift4 to bring 4Res to our customers as an efficient solution to PCI compliance,” said TravLynx President and CEO Kristin Intress.

With 4Res in place, hotel properties receiving reservations from InnLink and/or InnVite CRSs will have the option to receive Shift4’s TrueToken® in place of CHD – allowing those properties that employ Shift4’s complete security solution, including their DOLLARS ON THE NET payment gateway, to eliminate all CHD from their environment.

“With no CHD on premises, there’s no card data environment,” said Shift4’s VP of Business Development Bob Lowe. “And no card data environment means PCI headaches could become a thing of the past.”

With this cooperative effort, Shift4 becomes one of the first members of TravLynx‘s new CONNEX technology partner program.

“This solution makes us the first CRS to offer tokenized reservation data to the 5,000+ properties we serve,” said Marie Ainsworth, TravLynx‘s Director of IT and Product Management.

Several PMS vendors are already onboard with this collaboration and are preparing their applications to begin receiving tokenized reservation messages from TravLynx.

“Not only is this great for the existing mutual customers we share,” Lowe said, “but it also opens the door to significant future business as this capability is something many hoteliers have been asking for – and now we have it.”

More information on 4Res is available at

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