Announcing the Ultimate Solution for Hospitality Payment Security

LAS VEGAS (Marketwire) Tuesday, June 26, 2012 — Shift4 Corporation, the world’s largest independent payment gateway, today announces the ultimate card data security technology combination for the Hospitality industry.

Combining Shift4’s tried-and-tested TrueTokenization® with Point-to-Point Encryption (P2PE) and new 4Res and 4Word® solutions allows hotels to entirely remove cardholder data (CHD) from their environment without sacrificing business functions.

“If CHD is present in the environment, Shift4 looks for a way to take it out,” said Shift4 CEO Dave Oder. “That’s because when there’s no CHD on site, there’s no risk of a card-data breach and no worries about what is in the scope of PCI. In fact, with this solution in place, PCI audits may become a thing of the past.”

Shift4’s P2PE and TrueTokenization alone are enough to secure the average Retail or Food   Beverage environment, but securing the Hospitality environment can be more difficult. To tackle this complexity, Shift4 has developed 4Word and 4Res, two new features that specifically address the intricacies of the Hospitality arena.

“These new features are part of a near-constant stream of technologies Shift4 has produced – and will continue to produce – to better protect merchants and bridge the gaps in security that so many overlook or fail to adequately address,” said Shift4 CTO J.D. Oder.

4Word® is a secure, controlled method to share payment data with an authorized third-party (for example, a hotel may provide a guest’s card number to a florist, caterer, or other vendor at the guest’s request). This tool can also be used across an enterprise to transfer CHD to other company properties that may be outside of Shift4’s North American service area.

4Res® is the final step on the road to complete elimination of CHD from a property. It stands between Central Reservation Systems (CRSs) and hotel properties, and strips the clear-text CHD out of the reservations before they enter the hotel environment.

“Many of our merchant customers use tokenization to eliminate CHD from their systems, which drastically reduces their PCI scope,” said Bob Lowe, Shift4’s VP of Business Development. “Then, they get a reservation from their CRS that contains clear-text card data and they’re kind of right back where they started.”

4Res is the answer to this problem. 4Res allows data from a CRS to be tokenized before it is ever sent to the property. The hotelier uses a TrueToken® in place of the actual card number to process the payment in a secure, out-of-scope transaction.

“Individually, these tools are powerful value-adds,” said Kathy Oder, Shift4’s COO. “But, when you put them together, the synergy creates a solution that takes 100% of cardholder data out of the Hospitality environment. No other product or combination of products on the market right now can accomplish that.”

Shift4 customers interested in implementing this solution should contact [email protected]. Those not yet working with Shift4 can learn more by calling 702.597.2480 and selecting option 3 or by e-mailing [email protected].


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