DOLLARS ON THE NET ePayment Gateway

San Jose, November 8, 2000 — Shift4 Corporation, developers of the very first “bricks and clicks” credit card payment solution, will unveil their latest e-payment innovation, DOLLARS ON THE NET, at Fall ISPCON 2000 in San Jose, CA. ISPCON is the industry’s largest trade event dedicated to the Internet Service Provider market and provides a perfect venue for attendees to get a firsthand look this new technology. Shift4 representatives will be on hand to demonstrate DOLLARS ON THE NET in exposition booth #2004.

What It Is/How It Works

DOLLARS ON THE NET is an e-payment gateway and application service which allows businesses operating in e-commerce and/or brick-and-mortar environments to securely process real-time electronic payments, including credit cards, debit cards and electronic checks. DOLLARS ON THE NET is hosted at Shift4’s state-of-the-art datacomm center where high-bandwidth connectivity to major bank processing hosts delivers sub-5-second authorizations to e-commerce and physical POS applications.

DOLLARS ON THE NET is enhanced by a browser-based application service called NetAudit™, which allows merchants to view individual or batched transactions, run .PDF reports, make deposits, process manually keyed or swiped transactions and access archived data for charge-back defense. DOLLARS ON THE NET ‘s e-payment capabilities can be integrated into back office applications to support internal billing and collection systems. Data security is provided by Shift4’s NetAPI™ software module, utilizing a patent pending encryption algorithm called DUKPT w/MTE™ (derived unique key per transaction with moving target encryption).

How It’s Sold

Shift4 is building a network of reseller/partners who will bundle the DOLLARS ON THE NET service into their e-business solutions. A one time set-up/interface fee of $175 per merchant and a per transaction fee as low as 4 cents are charged to resellers. Shift4 calculates transaction rates by aggregating the transaction volume of a reseller’s entire client base. This aggressive pricing structure provides significant room for mark-up, allowing reseller/partners to generate ongoing revenue.

The Enterprise ISP

As an alternative to the DOLLARS ON THE NET service, Shift4’s NetEnterprise™ platform allows ISPs to host their own ASP/payment gateway. The NetEnterprise solution includes all hardware, software and communications infrastructure required to take the DOLLARS ON THE NET functionality in-house. In doing so, Shift4 eliminates the merchant set-up/interface fees, while significantly reducing wholesale transaction rates. As with DOLLARS ON THE NET, Shift4 provides 24/7 technical support for this comprehensive e-payment solution.

“The functionality of DOLLARS ON THE NET and NetEnterprise enhance an ISP’s offerings with tremendous added value that translates into recurring revenue,” states J. David Oder, Shift4 president and CEO. “Shift4 allows companies to provide e-payment authorization and management tools to their clients’ regardless of existing or future banking relationships. Our bank and processor independence makes us very different from any other company in the industry,” Mr. Oder adds.